Useless Machine……part two

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As it stands this is a very simple circuit with very simple code.

Useless Machine Schematic

Useless Machine Schematic

Click for a larger image

The complete circuit fits on a piece of strip board 10 strips X 14 holes.

Strip board circuit for useless machine

Strip board circuit

Most of the parts came from Rapid Electronics. They are local to me which is very handy.

I picked up a bunch of cheap servos on ebay with no connectors. Resistors etc came from my parts bin. I used a much larger voltage regulator than was needed as I had it on hand. I have substituted a better spec’ed part in the parts list. I also used a battery holder with a battery clip and fly lead with clip. I have spec’ed a simple battery holder with fly leads in the parts list.

Parts List
Description Order code Cost
ATtiny85 73-5122 £3.38
Relay 5v spdt 60-0787 £1.14
Da78l05 V Reg +5v 100ma To-92 47-3612 £0.26
Toggle Switch 75-0082 £0.655
Battery Holder 4xAA 18-3695 £1.21
2N22222 npn transistor 81-0256 £0.24
Capacitor 47 uf Elec 11-0815 £0.09
Capacitor 47nf Ceramic 08-1030 £0.136
IC socket 8 pin (tube of 60) 22-0107 £1.63
3 Pin Header 22-0500 £0.037
Resistor 2k2 Parts bin Pennies
Resistor 1K Parts bin Pennies
Hobby Servo Ebay Cheap

All the build details and picture to come in the next posts………

On to post 3. The source code……..


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