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I have started hacking at a robot controlled via a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. I have a basic bot prototype working.

It consists of :-

  • Raspberry Pi running Raspbain Wheezy.
  • An Ardino Uno connected to the Pi via usb.
  • A motor driver shield for the Arduino.
  • A small robot base. This is an old Cybot base with 2 motors and a caster. This is all I am currently using from this robot.
  • A web cam.
  • A usb wifi adaptor.

Currently I have a small server app running on the pi that takes images from the web cam and this is streamed via http.

I have another small server written in python that displays a form with the image from the previous server plus some basic controls for the robot.

By clicking the buttons on the form I can control the motors on the robot base. I can see what the robot is seeing via the web can.

By forwarding the correct port on my router I am able to access this from anywhere via the web.

By using free dns service I am able to give my page a domain name and view the web page.


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