• Useless machine

     Useless Machine Part two >

    A simple toy using an attiny85, a servo and a toggle switch.

    The idea is simple. A toggle switch is mounted on the top of a box. When turned on, a ‘finger’ pops out of the box, turns the switch off then

  • Useless Machine……part two

    < Useless Machine Part one
    Useless Machine Part three >

    As it stands this is a very simple circuit with very simple code.

    Click for a larger image

    The complete circuit fits on a piece of strip board 10 strips X 14 holes.

    Most of

  • Useless Machine……part three

    < Useless Machine Part two

    Code for the useless machine:  download source file

    You can download the file above or you can copy and paste from the file below.

  • HDMI-vga cable hack

    I brought an HDMI to vga cable from ebay.
    This one in fact :- ebay hdmi-vga cable

    To open the box I used a small scalpel to get between the two pieces of plastic in the middle of the join near the vga

  • Arduino on the Pi

    pi_logoplus ArduinoLogo

    What a combination. High level Raspberry Pi gui with processing power and Arduino hardware smarts.


  • RoboBerry

    I have started hacking at a robot controlled via a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. I have a basic bot prototype working.

    It consists of :-

    • Raspberry Pi running Raspbain Wheezy.
    • An Ardino Uno connected to the Pi via usb.
    • A motor driver shield for the Arduino.
    • A small robot base. This is an
  • The Huxley is here

    Finally I have a working 3D printer.  It has taken a while and I’ve had a few problems along the way but I am now printing in 3D.

    After a lot of time spent finding the parts and building a Reprap Prusa 3d Printer , I have failed to get

  • flmobimooc – week 5

    I have added sound to the game. You can see the method used here.

    I have also added lives, and the ball speeds up when ever you score.

    To add lives I first declare a variable mLives. I then set mLives to 3 in setupBeginning()

    To show the remaining lives,

  • Pinouts

    Below you will find a diagram of the pin-outs of various controller boards I’ve pinched from the web. If you think there should be other board or component pin-outs post a note below and I’ll add it to the page.

    Click on

  • AlienPi

    Home page for the Alien Pi seti@home team


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