HDMI-vga cable hack

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I brought an HDMI to vga cable from ebay.
This one in fact :- ebay hdmi-vga cable

To open the box I used a small scalpel to get between the two pieces of plastic in the middle of the join near the vga plug. I just eased the blade into the join and levered it apart. The cover is held on with a snap in connector along the edge of the pop out panel. Once the panel is off, just feed the HDMI cable into the strain relief rubber bung and the board should edge its way out of the box.



Its quite difficult to explain exactly how to get into this device but I hope the pictures give you and idea of what’s inside and how to approach it.

This cable is un-powered. It draws it’s power from the HDMI signal source, in this case the Raspberry Pi. This causes to much current draw though the diode on the board and will destroy  the diode over time.

To overcome this problem I opened the box and removed the power lead running from the HDMI plug to the board. I needed to carefully peel the hot melt glue off of the cable terminations and the board to access the solder pads.


Then I added a fly lead to the 5 volt input for the board, and another to a ground point and bought these out thought a small hole in the case. I added a cable tie for a little strain relief.  Snip off the end of the old power lead to stop shorts inside the case.  Snap the front of the case back on and you are good to go.


We now have a powered HDMI to vga cable adaptor. Fit the flying leads with a connector of your choice and connect to a 5 volt source. This could be a usb connector if you have a free socket on your hub or 0.1″ pin header if you are creating your own board or working with a bread board in your project.

Hope this is of use to somebody.

The Disclaimer – Upon opening the Product you have voided your warranty and the unit is now in your hands, no returns…

Secondly and even more important – you do the hacks/mods at your own risk, I am not responsible for damage to you, your equipment, or anything else within a 100 mile radius that may be directly or indirectly levelled, incinerated or otherwise obliterated to the ground (or neighbouring country) by your degree of skill (or lack of) with electronics, test equipment, soldering irons or hot coffee (not all necessarily used at the same time.)

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  1. campi Reply

    Thanks – that is great news – just ordered one and will mod it on delivery. Now I can use my spare monitor instead of hogging the family TV!!!


  2. campi Reply

    OK – I just received the device – how easy is it to open the box please? Does the front come off easily, or do I need to use brute force?


    • admin admin Reply

      I have updated the post to include a few pictures and a breif explanation of how I got in to the box. Hope this helps out.


  3. campi Reply

    Successfully converted – thank you for that superb tip!


  4. K Barber Reply


    i bought the same device from EBay looks identical
    but totally different PCB

    locate pin 18 From the HDMI plug (+5V) purple wire in my case
    Even labelled as 18 on the PCB

    disconnect as above and connect your 5V power supply

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